Back 2 Health Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy | Beverly Hills | West Hollywood | Burbank Back 2 Health Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy | Beverly Hills | West Hollywood | Burbank Back 2 Health Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy | Beverly Hills | West Hollywood | Burbank Back 2 Health Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy | Beverly Hills | West Hollywood | Burbank Back 2 Health Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy | Beverly Hills | West Hollywood | Burbanka Back 2 Health Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy | Beverly Hills | West Hollywood | Burbank Back 2 Health Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy | Beverly Hills | West Hollywood | Burbank
Los Angeles/Hollywood |
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Physical Therapy in Burbank and Los Angeles/Hollywood

Back 2 Health Physical Therapy offers 2 So Cal locations that provide physical therapy for Los Angeles/Hollywood and Burbank.

Call Our Hotline 818-740-6339 or 818-791-4085
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Los Angeles/Hollywood and BURBANK

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday, 7am-7pm (last patient at 6pm)
Friday 7am-3pm (last patient at 1pm)

Our Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 42 customer reviews
"Ian is my doctor, well if I would judge him. I would have too judge based on who he chooses too support his vision. I've been in therapy for 2 weeks. The therapy staff his staff, is a great team. Great attitude, they support each other. I can't say anything other than. I'm looking forward too MONDAY!!!!"
May 08, 2020
"I would like to send a shout out to all the staff at Back 2 Health Physical Therapy In Encino. Dr. Slava, Dr. Rachel, Dr. Suhani, Dr. Dave, And Dr. Chelsea, Brian, Vanessa, Maksim, Glenn, Daniel, Miguel, Theresa, Jelisa, Sonia and all the others including the ones behind the scenes. Everyone at at Back 2 Health Physical Therapy is a part of the patient's path to recovery by maintaining, strengthening, motivating and most of all providing an environment where patients are like family. This foundation is secured within the hearts of the many who dedicate their lives to helping patients get back to health and it is powered by love. This is what makes Back 2 Health Physical Therapy one of the best places to be. Everyone is professional and ready to make the patient's path to recovery one of the best experiences for them. To all the staff at Back 2 Health Physical Therapy I love all of you. This is Cyrus B. on the M-I-C and I'm on my way to recovery."
Jan 16, 2019
"Dr. Chelsea and Dr. Suhani are Talented, Professional, Helpful and Attentive, Brian, Vanessa, Maksim, Daniel, Miguel, Theresa, Jelisa, Sonia, and Glenn are the ' Dream Team' Ready to help and Heal you individually, Thank you all for working as a team to Address my health issues, Kind regards"
Dec 15, 2018
"Dr. Chelsea and Dr. Suhani are Talented, Professional, Helpful and Attentive, Brian, Vanessa, Maksim, Daniel, Miguel, Theresa, Jelisa, Sonia, and Glenn are the ' Dream Team' Ready to help and Heal you individually, Thank you all for working as a team to Address my health issues, Kind regards"
Dec 15, 2018
"B2H is the best PT program ever. Dr. Slava, Dr. David and all the staff are amazing, helpful, and dedicated professionals that really want to help you get better. I will for sure recommend them to my friends and family who need PT. "
Nov 07, 2017
"Excellent care. Staff was wonderful. Dr. Joe was especially helpful. My back pain was gone by the end of my treatment and has not come back. Could not ask for a more helpful physical therapy program."
Nov 27, 2016
"Back 2 Health Physical Therapy is awesome! The staff is so friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for physical therapy."
Oct 14, 2016
"Best PT I have ever been to - Excellent patient care. Every staff member is professional, yet caring and work very hard to achieve wellness."
Oct 11, 2016
"Very helpful staff"
Oct 11, 2016
"Love it. Been helping a lot, and love the staff. :)"
Oct 11, 2016
"B2H team is awesome. This is my second PT post surgery and they are amazing."
Sep 28, 2016
"Great practice"
Sep 28, 2016
"Back 2 Health is a phenomenal Physical Therapy facility with wonderful PTs (all doctorates) and great, helpful and very friendly PT aides and staff. This is the 4th different facility I've been to and they are by far the best. I've been coming to the Burbank facility for 3 years and have had steady improvement for a number of problems. Dr. Heidi is phenomenal, the appointments are very well planned and extensive. My doctors are also very happy with them."
Sep 21, 2016
"Excellent service. The receptionists were promt, personable and proffesional. Aswell were the aids Evan and woody, they were attentive and walked me through each excersise. Adjustments from the doctors are life changing and surprising.(ask for Dr. Justin if possible) I'm recovering extremely fast, I will never take my business elsewhere. This is the place to go!!"
Sep 16, 2016
"I've been going to back2health for 2 and a half years. I'm an avid rock, ice and mountain climber who is coming up on a year post op hip replacement. If it wasn't to the doctors and crew at back2health I would not be able to still follow my passion in the mountains. Hands down the best place to get you back2health."
Jun 30, 2016
"The staff is very friendly and upbeat! They pay close attention to detail and ensure that proper techniques are being used. Everyone has a great sense of humor and makes the time go fast. Really loved it."
Apr 06, 2016
"I am going to Encino office. The place is great, very clean!! After 3 visits I was walking without pain in my hip. I loved it and pool therapy helped me a lot. My doctor Paul is young lovely person, it is very good atmosphere there. My couch Patricia is great. I am back to life again!!!"
Feb 25, 2016
"When I first met Dr. Canan at Back 2 Health. I was in a wheelchair. I had suffered a terrible fall. I was told by my surgeon it was a possibility of amputation. (Just to give you an idea of how bad the break was. My ankle was rebuilt) Dr. Canan is the body Whisperer. Through his friendly confidence I instantly trusted him. It wasn't long before I took my first steps and very quickly over the next month no longer needed the wheelchair or walker. Dr. Canan has a way of making you feel understood and yet pushes you to do better. I started looking forward to PT! I can walk forever thankful to Dr. C"
Feb 05, 2016
"It is a miracle I am alive and walking after a big accident in 2013 where I fractured my neck and others parts. This miracle has been materialized also because the physical therapy I am receiving at Back 2 Health in Encino. This is an amazing clinic, with a variety of aquatic, and land modalities with knowledgeable doctors and staff that really care. They have been instrumental for me to continue my recovery. I highly recommend this clinic the only place I have been where they treat your body as a whole and literally teach what steps to take in your daily life to continue healing."
Jan 22, 2016
"Lee glover is a top notch physical therapist I would recommend him to anyone in my family or to anybody who is looking for one Lee and his team have gotten me to a point I never thought I would be again this facility is 10 out of 10 so for those of you who are looking for a physical therapist I highly recommend Corpus Christi physical therapy and sports medicine "
Nov 03, 2015
"Dr. Canan Asher has an amazing understanding of how the body physically works and how to heal it when it doesn't. He has done amazing work helping me to recuperate from ankle surgery I had to repair several torn ligaments, so that I am now able to resume my normal physical activities, including racquetball. He goes way beyond the standard recuperation techniques, using devices such as rolling pins, constriction wraps and giant rubber bands to get the job done effectively! I highly recommend him to everyone I know that might benefit from his expertise in repairing and renewing the body."
Jul 31, 2015
"Why I am at PT? My condition is a life sentence without parole- ortho/neuro/muscular/degenerative processes.The program is NOT about time, in/out in 30 minutes, it's about the process. After assessment, the plan is warm up, stretching, strengthening, reassessment and mobilization, then table time with Dr Canan. Dr Canan has his own set tools and modalities. He thinks outside the box, beyond his classical training. With nearly 400 visits, I have witnessed amazing transformations in myself and especially others. The proof of this Dr's worth is in how long the effects of the work keep expanding."
Jul 09, 2015
Jul 09, 2015
"Starting a PT program at Back 2 Health was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the past 10 years I have actively sought and found my own methods for managing chronic pain, but it took only one PT session with Dr. Canan to feel a degree of relief I would have never even imagined. The relief remained long after that session, and with every following session my pain continues to decrease and my mobility continues to improve. The staff is warm, attentive, professional, and exceptionally well trained. Both Dr.Canan and Dr.Slava are deeply knowledgeable and highly effective. I love it!!"
Jul 08, 2015
"The words are futile to express my experience about this facility. Dr. Slava is the best Dr. of Physical Therapy I have ever known. His knowledge, his strength, and powerful persona makes him so fit for the position he has chosen. In my opinion he is a prime example of the positive difference that quality in physical therapy can make in a tough market. He is very passionate about the well being of his patients. The facility is immaculate, equipped with the latest machinery and above all his staff is caring, loving towards each patient. I feel they are my family."
Jul 08, 2015
"My experience at Back 2 Health Physical Therapy in Encino has been one of the most positive healthcare experiences of my entire life! Dr. Canan, Dr. Slava and the staff at Back 2 Health are knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to helping their patients heal. After many years of chronic pain and dislocations I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder. Dr. Canan created exercises to stabilize my joints by strengthening the surrounding muscles. I will be forever grateful to the healing Back 2 Health has initiated in my life!"
Jul 02, 2015
"This experience has been a complete game changer in my life. Dr. Canan is one of the best I have ever worked with and recommend him to everyone."
Jul 02, 2015
"Dr Canan and the staff are amazing. The exercises for my injury have been effective in my on going healing process and easy enough for me to continue at home. Dr. Canan treats his staff respectfully, this is evident by the interns' and staff's attitude and care toward his patients. I am grateful not only for the therapy I am currently receiving but also for the education of physical therapy and for the exercises I am learning for continued physical health at home once therapy is completed here. Thank you so much for the help in my healing and continued physical health."
Jul 02, 2015
"Such an excellent facility with the most amazing staff... a very welcoming environment."
Jan 16, 2015
"Great place. Recommend it!"
Jan 14, 2015
"Very helpful and friendly staff."
Jan 14, 2015
"So thrilled with the doctors and aides here. I've been coming here for 9 months and am pleased with my progress. Dr Choe is fantastic."
Jan 14, 2015
"Im their bestie."
Jan 13, 2015
"I came to Back 2 Health after ankle surgery last year. I'm so happy to be able to return to playing basketball twice a week with my neighborhood league. Dr Choe worked closely with me and his assistants were so helpful. Thanks again Back 2 Health!"
Jan 13, 2015
"Arlene is the best receptionist. Very freindly and professional. The facility is clean, efficiently run, and home like."
Jan 13, 2015
"This the best facility I have ever been to! I came in with a back injury and they were able to get me back to doing what I love most which is hiking."
Jan 07, 2015
"Attentive, consistent & very thorough."
Sep 29, 2014
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everybody demonstrates a desire to get the patient healthy. You will be treated here. "
Sep 05, 2014
"Best experience ever! Dr. Johanna was super knowledgeable and thoughtful. The staff was friendly, funny, and fun."
Aug 28, 2014
"B2H Today will be my 275th visit. I have never before experienced a philosophy that embraces both the patient, aids and doctors all working together to create a program custom made for my situation to help me strengthen the areas surrounging my weaknesses "
Aug 27, 2014
"I have been coming to Back2health for over 1 Year and I have had an amazing recovery thanks to the great staff from the front office to the aides and especially from Dr.Choe and Dr.Slava."
Aug 22, 2014
"Change is hard on people but I'm hopeful. Since I've been coming here I've become stronger and I am back doing what I love, I'm grateful for this. In regards to people in the office, first impressions can make or break someone returning, your front office "
Aug 20, 2014

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